Our History

In 1947 Edward H. Rudoy began a legacy with his purchase of Block Salvage Company, a small scrap yard in Oshkosh, Wisconsin.  He changed the name to Block Iron & Supply Company to better reflect the scope of business he had planned.  The company became a supplier of new steel and building supplies, and a recycler of scrap metals servicing industry and supplying prepared scrap to the local foundries.  His innovations in handling and processing scrap metals gained him a reputation within the industry and was key to propelling the company’s initial growth.

Expansion followed through acquisition and Sadoff & Rudoy Industries was born in 1964 with the purchase of Sadoff Iron & Metal Company in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin.  Mr. Rudoy’s vision brought Wisconsin’s first automobile shredder to Fond du Lac, along with key processing equipment that established the company as a major Midwest processor and supplier to both the foundry and steel mill industries.

In 1972, Rudoy’s son-in-law Sheldon Lasky joined the business, later taking over as CEO.  Sheldon led Sadoff through additional acquisitions and new operations, adding to the company’s portfolio until turning over the day to day operations to become Chairman of the Board in 2008.

Sadoff continues to grow today, with 240 employees working to extend the high levels of quality and service that are the cornerstone and philosophy of the company and its founder.  This includes the formation of an electronics scrap and data destruction business unit (Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction) in 2017, which brings the current scope of operations to six locations in Wisconsin and three in Nebraska.  Sadoff does business in over 40 states in the US and exports to multiple countries.

Today, Mr. Rudoy’s three grandsons (Mark, Jason and Bradford Lasky) are all working within the business, ensuring the philosophies of the founder continue through the generations.

About Sadoff Electronics Recyclers

Prompt, Professional Service, Competitive Pricing,
and Environmental Focus.

The vision of Sadoff E-recycling & Data is to be the preferred choice in e-recycling, IT asset remarketing, and data destruction. Our mission to accomplish this is to incorporate customer focus, attain operational excellence, find innovative solutions, and manage risk when recycling electronics and performing data destruction. We do this through investment in our people, teamwork, and adhering to the standards of excellence.

We call our unique approach “Down To Earth” recycling. It means we combine our environmental responsibility with easy-going, customer-focused attention. We’re proud to offer e-recycling, IT asset remarketing, and data destruction programs that not only help the planet more, they also help make our customers by offering secure disposal and recycling options.

The scope of our Integrated Management System covers the transportation and processing of end of life electronics into commodities, per consumer and internal specifications.  Provision of receiving, sorting, segregating, storing, de-manufacturing, testing, shredding, transportation of batteries, CRT’s, laptops, desktop computers, and miscellaneous end of life electronic equipment.

Click Here to download and review our Integrated (Safety, Environmental & Quality) Management Policy. 

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Our Affiliations

Our Electronics Recycling Locations

We operate 7 domestic e-recycling drop-off facilities, offering customized and secure services nationwide. For more details, click here to see hours, maps, and specialized services.

Our Data Destruction Locations

We have 2 facilities offering data destruction services.

Oshkosh, Wisconsin – 36 E. 10th Avenue
La Vista, Nebraska – 12304 Cary Circle (not a retail dropoff location)