Sadoff Acquires SunCoast Communications

Sadoff Acquires SunCoast Communications 15

SunCoast Communications has long been a supplier of electronic material for our electronics recycling side of the business. Over years of business together, we have decided to make our partnership even stronger. In September, Sadoff submitted a letter of intent to purchase SunCoast. Shortly after, SunCoast signed the letter and now the acquisition is being made official.

What Does That Mean for Sadoff and SunCoast?

What made this acquisition so attractive to us is that though our businesses run in parallel, there isn’t a lot of overlap in what both of our companies do. Instead, there are a lot of areas where we can augment each other so that we can both serve our industries and our clients better.

Who is SunCoast Communications?

SunCoast Communications is the premier supplier of quality new, used, and refurbished telecommunication and networking equipment. All equipment is either unused surplus, tested, or pulled from a working environment. SunCoast offers solutions for every phase of telecom and carries the industry’s leading manufacturers. Some of SunCoast’s working partners include Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, and other large players in the telecom space.

Where Our Story With SunCoast Began

We are not acquiring SunCoast by accident, but our paths first crossed almost by accident. Sadoff is a member of the Terra Network which is a national electronics company collective. Terra approached us 3 years ago to recycle telecommunications radios. Matt Weirman from Sadoff was able to leverage an existing relationship and that’s how we began working with SunCoast. Since then, we have become a qualified downstream and materials broker for the e-waste that SunCoast generates.
In April of this year, we were approached by SunCoast’s largest shareholder about owning a part of their company. It didn’t take long for us both to see the synergies that both of our companies could provide to each other.
SunCoast was also in need of capital to continue with its growth plan, and we were excited to be a part of it. Now we can provide the tools and the capital that will allow SunCoast to continue its dynamic growth strategy.

What the Future Holds for Sadoff + SunCoast

When it comes to the future, we couldn’t be more excited. If you are a Sadoff client or a SunCoast client, you can continue to expect the same great nationwide service that you have grown accustomed to. With our Sadoff locations spread across Wisconsin and Nebraska and now our SunCoast locations in Dallas and Maryland, our combined footprint will be larger than it ever has been before.
In the coming months, we are excited to learn even more about how SunCoast operates and where we can find further synergies between our two companies. We believe that with an effective combination of our electronics recycling business and their telecom materials company, we will both come out on top with a strategic advantage in the telecom marketplace.

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