Sadoff is ITAR Registered

Offering ITAR-Registered Disposal Services

What is ITAR?

ITAR was originally developed to regulate military products and services. Now these controls cover many products that are commercially manufactured for any military use.

Who is Subject to ITAR?

Any supplier that works with military contracts produces equipment or any equipment components for the U.S. military or has other non-military or non-government clients who wish to protect their intellectual property.

Is ITAR Only For Military Products?

Many of these items were developed originally for military purposes but have evolved into mainstream commercial products – in the electronics navigation, computer security, maritime, aviation, and other industries.


At the core of the ITAR Requirements is a list of products called the U.S. Munitions List (“USML”). The USML contains a wide array of products as well as software, technical data, and services. If a company’s product, software, technical data, or services are identified on the list, the Government Agency or company is subject to the ITAR Requirements.


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    Examples of Our ITAR Services

    Extreme Engineering

    Verona, WI

    Extreme Engineering is a manufacturer of computer boards. They manufacture components for both civilian and military uses. Sadoff utilizes our ITAR registration to ensure the proper handling, destruction, and/or documentation to dispose of their or their customer’s proprietary intellectual or property.


    Appleton, WI

    Plexus is a contract engineering and manufacturing company. They produced the Coca-Cola FreeStyle soda dispensing machines. Their Customer, Coke, requires that any materials, intellectual or physical property of theirs be destroyed under ITAR requirements.

    Utilize Sadoff as Your ITAR Registered Partner For All Your Data Destruction, E-Recycling, and Disposal Needs

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    Potential ITAR Products

    • Electronic system and computers designed, modified or configured for intelligence, security, or military purposes.
    • Military training services and equipment
    • Drone Aircraft
    • Command, control, and communications systems including radio (transceivers) and identification equipment
    • Navigation systems
    • Circuit boards
    • And more