3 Ways You Can Reduce Your E-Waste as a Company

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Of course, we want your business at Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, but we also want to help you reduce your impact and work towards your sustainability goals. To that end, we have 3 ways you can reduce your e-waste as a company.

The Three Rs of Waste Management

It may seem overused but even in reducing your e-waste the three Rs of waste management still apply. We know you’ve heard them in grade school or on children’s television before but it comes down to reduce, reuse, and recycle. Have you actually thought about what those three words mean though? Notice too that recycling is the last step. We’re going to dive into each term and specifically how they relate to reducing your e-waste.

Reduce Your E-Waste Production

Obviously, reducing e-waste is the end goal, but there’s something you can do early on in the e-waste stream to reduce the amount of e-waste your company produces. E-waste begins at the moment of purchase. Every electronic you buy, you are eventually going to throw away.

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This means reducing comes down to two factors, buying only what you need, and buying products that last. Don’t buy 20 laptops when you only need 10. Yes, you may be planning for growth, but waiting is almost always better. For one, the tech may be better or cheaper when you are ready to buy and you’re not tying up your budget needlessly and early.

You also want to think about the longevity of the products you are buying. It’s better to spend more on a laptop that will likely last you 6 years rather than 3. This saves you from buying an additional laptop, and it also prevents one more from becoming waste.

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Reuse Your Old Electronics

When you decide to no longer use an electronic, first consider if it has another use case. Perhaps a laptop that is no longer up for the job in one field may still be suitable for another. Maybe old Wi-Fi equipment can be repurposed as the guest Wi-Fi that clients have requested in the past.

There’s also the option to sell your electronics on a secondary market. Either way, if the equipment has data of any kind you will want to make sure that this data is professionally destroyed. Not only can Sadoff take care of destroying your data, but we can also sell your old equipment for you in a process we call IT asset remarketing.

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Recycle Your E-Waste

Once you have reduced what you buy and committed to reusing—or even selling—where you can, then you are ready to recycle what’s left and this is just as important as the other two steps.

Recycling is the end of the road for your electronics, and you want to make sure that you do it the right way. That means you aren’t just throwing it out, you aren’t letting it sit and accumulate, and you certainly aren’t just throwing it in your recycling bins and hoping for the best.

Ultimately, you have to work with a professional e-recycling service like Sadoff. We will contractually own 100% of the liability and ensure that your electronics are recycled responsibly and effectively. That also means all your sensitive data will be safely destroyed reducing your risk of a data breach.

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