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What Types of Businesses Need a Data Destruction Service?

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In today’s digital age, businesses across all industries collect and store vast amounts of sensitive data. This includes customer information, employee records, financial data, and intellectual property. When it’s time to dispose of old computers, hard drives, or other data-bearing... View Article

The Importance of Data Security When Recycling Electronics

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In today’s digital landscape, our lives are intertwined with electronic devices. From personal smartphones and laptops to business servers and medical equipment, these devices store a wealth of sensitive information. When these electronics reach the end of their lifespan, the... View Article

Top Reasons to Pursue Data Center Decommissioning

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Data centers are the backbone of the digital economy. But as technology evolves, data centers can become outdated, inefficient, or even obsolete. While the decision to decommission a data center is undoubtedly complex, it can yield numerous benefits ranging from... View Article

What is the Best Data Destruction Method?

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The saying “once on the internet, always on the internet” highlights an important truth—data has a way of sticking around. This principle also applies to our physical devices. Simply hitting “delete” on your old computer, phone, or hard drive does... View Article

What Should You Destroy Before Recycling a Computer?

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In today’s digital world, our computers hold an incredible amount of personal information. From financial records and login credentials to customer databases and confidential business documents, your old computer has the potential to become a treasure trove for prying eyes.... View Article

What Parts of a Computer Cannot be Recycled?

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Did you know that most of your computer can be recycled? From the metal casing to circuit boards and even some plastics, valuable resources can be recovered, preventing them from ending up in landfills. However, when it comes to safely... View Article

How to Destroy Your Data

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There comes a moment in the lifecycle of any data device where you have to ask yourself how to destroy the data contained therein. This is especially true for businesses and organizations where every computer and the data drives contained... View Article

Risks of Not Having a Data Destruction Policy

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Does your company have a data destruction policy? Are you keeping track of your equipment with an ITAD program? Do you know what you should be doing when hard drives and equipment reach the end of their life? Let Sadoff... View Article

Who is Affected by a Data Breach?

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Data breaches sound scary, don’t they? We all know how important data can be, or at least we have a vague concept of its importance, and a breach sounds terrifying. At the end of the day, who is affected by... View Article