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Why is Most Electronic Waste Not Recycled?

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We live in an age of rapid technological advancement. Each year, new smartphones, laptops, tablets, and countless other gadgets take center stage, promising greater power and more features. But this relentless innovation comes at a price: electronic waste, or e-waste.... View Article

Is E-Recycling Better for the Environment?

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This may sound like a simple if not silly question. Recycling is always better for the environment, right? Though we would like to think that is the case, the truth is often a little more nebulous and difficult to grasp.... View Article

E-Recycling Laws in Wisconsin

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Do you have a lot of electronics that you need to get rid of? Then you may be curious about the e-recycling laws in Wisconsin, and that’s where Sadoff is here to help. We can run you through what is... View Article

Where to E-Recycle Bulk IT Equipment

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Do you have a supply closet or even a whole room that is filled with IT equipment that you don’t know what to do with? It would almost be surprising if you don’t, but when it builds up, doing anything... View Article

E-Recycling for Managed IT Services

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Managed IT is a huge field that’s filled with competitors looking to differentiate and outperform all while providing what the end customer wants. Increasingly, those end consumers are becoming more and more green as they look for ways to reduce... View Article

Where to Recycle Industrial Electronics

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Let’s be honest, there are not a lot of electronics recyclers out there, at least when it comes to your standard electronics. Even Best Buy will take your old computers and monitors. Don’t use Best Buy though, seriously. They will... View Article

What to do With Old Lithium-Ion Batteries

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You may not even realize how many lithium-ion batteries you have sitting around in your home or at your business. Your cell phones and laptops are the obvious sources, but there are many different applications that use lithium-ion power. If... View Article