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How to Combat the Rising Price of Copper

How to Combat the Rising Price of Copper 23

The price of copper, a vital component in telecom infrastructure, has been steadily rising due to increased demand and limited supply. This surge poses a significant challenge for businesses in the telecom industry, as copper is essential for cables, connectors,... View Article

What is Urban Mining?

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In the heart of our bustling cities lies a hidden resource, a treasure trove of valuable materials waiting to be rediscovered. It’s not buried deep underground like traditional mines, but rather embedded within the very structures and devices we use... View Article

How to be Sustainable in Telecom?

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In a world increasingly focused on minimizing environmental impact, the telecom industry faces unique sustainability challenges. Massive infrastructure networks, power-hungry data centers, and the rapid churn of electronic equipment contribute to a significant carbon footprint. However, the potential for positive... View Article

What Does Improper E-Recycling Look Like?

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Though there are some facilities that improperly e-recycle electronics in the U.S. with illegal burning and other nefarious practices, a majority of the improper e-recycling of U.S. e-waste actually occurs when we export our e-waste. Let’s take a closer look... View Article

State of the Industry: Manufacturing First

State of the Industry Manufacturing First 25

  Two representatives of Sadoff recently attended the annual Manufacturing First Expo & Conference, the largest manufacturing conference in Wisconsin. In light of the annual event, its insightful speeches, and the many enlightening conversations and connections, the time is right... View Article

The Science of E-Recycling

the science of e-recycling 8

  The fate of an electronic device can take several different paths throughout its lifecycle, particularly toward its end. As consumers, we hold the power over whether this will be a happy ending—both for the device itself, and more so,... View Article

Report: Annual E-Waste Outweighs the Great Wall of China

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We founded Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction in 2017 to help address the growing need for proper electronic waste disposal. In the years since we began our operations, the amount of electronic equipment produced annually has only accelerated. The accompanying... View Article

E-Recycling vs Mining

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Should we really be mining our precious metals out of the ground, or should we be mining our e-waste instead? Find out as we compare e-recycling vs mining to look at the effects of both on our environment and our... View Article

E-Waste Emergency: 6 Alarming Stats on Electronics Disposal

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The E-Waste Crisis When we adopt new technology, the old stuff (a.k.a. “e-waste”) doesn’t just disappear. E-recycling is the ongoing effort to properly dispose of e-waste. E-waste presents a modern ecological catastrophe in the making, as components of obsolete electronics... View Article