Are Old Computers Worth Anything?

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Everyone has an old computer, and every company has a host of them. Old computers are a dime a dozen. Often they seem too old to be worthwhile for anything or just have issues that were never resolved forcing them to be discarded in a dark corner. They are often forgotten, ignored, and eventually, you wonder what to do with them. Are old computers worth anything? At A Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we are here to tell you that they might be.

How to Resell an Old Computer

At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we do a lot for our customers. As you may have guessed, given our name, we do e-recycling and data destruction. In addition to that though, we also offer a service known as I.T. asset remarketing. This is a potential option for your business’s old computers.

What is I.T. Asset Remarketing

Old computers on a tableEssentially, I.T. asset remarketing is reselling your old computer hardware, but there is much more to it than that. This is more than just a simple Craigslist posting of old PC hardware. Instead, we put our skills to bear on old I.T. equipment first. This means we go through every bit of each old computer determining viability, wiping data, and when components aren’t resellable, we recycle them safely. This means you can potentially make money off of your old computers.

As you can see, we put all our skills to bear in service of I.T. asset remarketing. This is not a level of service that you are likely able to do yourself. You don’t have the resources or the equipment to effectively wipe data beyond a hard drive format. You also are not able to effectively recycle your old computer either.

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Is Every Computer Able to be Resold?

Now, not every computer can simply be resold. Not to mention all the stuff that has to be done in order to ensure that it can be resold safely, some computers just aren’t viable. You would be surprised at what can be reused, but there are still cases where a computer will ultimately just need to be wholly recycled. Even then, we will go through components to ensure that there is nothing that warrants re-use.

Can You Recycle an Old Computer

Hold on, you say. If you have a computer that you can’t resell, can you just recycle the whole thing? Could your computer still be worth something that way? Actually, yes! This depends entirely on market factors, and the prices can fluctuate almost daily, but in some cases, your computer could still be worth money even if it is just being entirely scrapped for recycling, and of course, Sadoff can handle that too.

Why Are Certifications Important in E-Recycling?

Get a Quote on Old Computers From Sadoff

You can contact us to get a quote on your old computers. We are happy to perform e-recycling services for anyone and we have 4 drop-off locations in Wisconsin and an additional 2 in Nebraska. If you are a business though, we can provide all of our services nationwide. We encourage you to contact us today.

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