Are Your Old Electronics Worth Money?

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Everyone has that drawer and every company has that closet. It’s where electronics go to die and be forgotten. Electronics often end up being the last thing people get rid of. There is a perception that they are too hard to dispose of or that they might be useful again. If there was money on the line though, that might change your thought process. Are your old electronics worth money? You might be surprised.

What Options Do you Have For Your Old Electronics?

In reality, you have three options for what to do with your old electronics, and we’ll talk briefly about all three before going more into depth about your best options. You can either keep those old electronics, recycle them, or remarket them.

  • Keep Your Electronics—This is the most used but least useful option. Hanging on to your old electronics with the hope that they will be useful again is like holding onto an expired gallon of milk with the hope that it will turn into cheese. Things just don’t work out that way. There’s a reason you stopped using the electronics in the first place. Consider your other options.
  • recycling old electronic gamesRecycle Your Electronics—It is true that you can’t throw electronics in your recycling bin, but with places like Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, you can get rid of them ethically and safely. Not only will we separate the precious metals out to be re-used, but we will also destroy your data thoroughly and effectively. Yes, electronics recycling can cost money for some goods, but for others, we may actually pay you. Reach out to us for up-to-date pricing.
  • Sell Your Electronics—You can also sell your electronics, but there are a few things you should be aware of first. All electronics are depreciating assets. This means the longer you wait the less they will be worth. On top of that, most of your electronics may have sensitive information on them that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands. That’s where Sadoff comes in again. Not only can we destroy any and all sensitive data, but we can also handle the remarketing of your assets to ensure you get the most value out of your electronics.

You Can Make Money Recycling Electronics?

We’re sure you’ve at least heard of making money from recycling aluminum cans, well it’s a similar process with electronics. However, not all electronics are the same. Some electronics might make you a little money, while others might cost a little money, and due to an ever-changing market, the price or cost today may not be the price or cost tomorrow.

At Sadoff, you can find our prices listed online, but for the most up-to-date prices, you’ll want to reach out to us. If you are a business with a lot of electronics, we can even provide a customized quote.

How Do You Remarket Electronics?

Like we said before, reselling your own electronics is hard by yourself. You want to make sure that you are not releasing sensitive data into the wild and you want to maximize your profits as well.

Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction can remove the risk and maximize your profits. We’ll assess the electronics you have and submit an offer to you. Every piece of equipment will have its data thoroughly destroyed and no hard drives or data devices will be resold. Remember that the sooner you sell those electronics, the more money you could potentially make.

E-Recycling vs Mining

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