Three Benefits of Hosting E-Recycling and Scrap Metal Drives

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The “out with the old, in with the new” mindset is becoming ever more popular. However, the reality is that rather than being taken “out,” old electronics pile up in our homes and offices. In fact, it’s estimated that only 20 percent of global e-waste is collected and properly recycled, even though there are many benefits to doing so.

So how can businesses, organizations, and schools help? Hosting e-recycling drives is one option, and it’s a way for your organization or business to benefit, too. And, the collections aren’t limited to electronics—you can collect scrap metal at some drives as well, which helps contribute to sustainability and the overall profit generated for your business or organization. Below are three benefits of e-recycling drives to consider when you need a fundraiser or an easy way to help meet sustainability goals.

1. Electronics Recycling Drives Are A Good Way to Fundraise

When marketed effectively, e-recycling drives can be a rather profitable option for fundraising. Last April, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction was asked to assist with an electronics recycling drive for a local high school looking to help their band raise money to go to Pearl Harbor. During their drive, 8,000 pounds of electronics and 3,000 pounds of metals were collected, for a grand total of 11,000 pounds of material.

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As a result of the drive, Omro High School profited $1000. They not only raised a significant amount of funding for their trip, they also provided a service to the entire community, which had not had a recycling drive in years. Other schools, such as Oshkosh West, who hosted a “Junk for Jerseys” drive, were able to raise funds for athletics or new equipment.

Organizations can also take part in e-recycling and scrap metal drives, which can provide a way to give back to employees, help employees dispose of electronics or other items, and allow for an annual business cleanup.

2. Collecting E-Waste Is Sustainable and Environmentally Friendly

Beyond fundraising opportunities, e-recycling and scrap metal drives can also be a way for schools or organizations to celebrate Earth Day and for businesses to be more sustainable. E-recycling drives help corporations properly dispose of obsolete electronics and equipment, as there are legal restrictions on items that can be thrown away. Since there are fines associated with throwing out electronics, these drives are valuable, efficient options for clearing away broken or outdated equipment.

We’ve also aided individuals in the medical field in disposing of electronics, such as cell phones or computers, which they didn’t feel comfortable discarding on their own, as questions of data security and confidentiality are particularly pressing in the healthcare industry. Because Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction offers secure data destruction, these drives can be an important resource for those concerned with data security.

E-recycling drives are not just beneficial for schools, organizations, or businesses, though—they also connect communities to possibilities for disposing of items in a way that is safe (and relaxed). A lot of households have electronics or other items that they can’t throw out because they don’t know where to take them and can’t just put them in the trash.

A 2016 survey of Wisconsin residents showed that 22 percent of televisions, 29 percent of computers, and 48 percent of cellphones in homes weren’t used during that year – and, less than half of residents knew where to recycle electronics. The numbers of unused electronics have no doubt grown since that survey, with the increases in available technology and updates to existing devices.

With such significant percentages of unused items and lack of awareness about how to dispose of them, e-recycling drives provide a safe, eco-friendly outlet to the community for discarding those items, and help promote awareness of e-recycling centers.

3. Hosting An Electronics Recycling Drive Is Easy to Do

Hosting e-recycling and scrap metal drives can be fairly simple with help from partners like Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. We provide support for all logistics, from providing receptacles and trailers to supervising the sorting of materials. Our staff members can help run the drive and show volunteers how to effectively and efficiently stack, move, and sort materials, depending on the needs of the business or organization. Businesses and organizations are generally tasked with raising awareness of the event, supplying volunteers to staff the drive, providing a site at which to hold it, and as being the face of the event—our goal is to have businesses and organizations receive recognition for providing the service to its employees or the community.

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How It Works!

E-recycling drives are easy and convenient for everyone. See how simple it can be—here’s how it works:

  • Contact Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction to set up an e-scrap drive
  • Your business or organization promotes the event prior on social media, local signage, and via email – the more you promote it, the better you will do!
  • We provide the means to sort electronics and educate your staff on the details
  • We pick up all e-scrap and metal scrap following your drive
  • We assess the value of the items collected
  • You receive the profit left over after costs for recycling, disposals, and the drive are met

The best news, we recycle almost anything that doesn’t have hazardous material. See the electronics we recycle here and the scrap metal we’ll recycle here.

A Win-Win for All: Getting Started

Reach out to Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction if you’re interested in learning more about the process and benefits of hosting an e-recycling drive. Sadoff is committed to providing sustainable options for recycling electronics and scrap metal, and we’re always ready to help you reach your sustainability goals.

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