Benefits of Working With Green Tier E-Recyclers in Wisconsin

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At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we would like to share some exciting news. We have just achieved our Tier 1 Green Tier status for the 6th year in a row. We couldn’t be more proud of what we have accomplished, but we know that not everyone knows what the Green Tier program is. Let’s get into it and learn more about this Wisconsin program and what Sadoff had to do to be one of the few companies in the state with Green Tier membership.

What is the Green Tier Program?

The Green Tier program is something exclusive to Wisconsin. Though we are a nationwide company, we have our headquarters and the bulk of our operations in Wisconsin. Green Tier is run by the Wisconsin DNR and it was first put in place in 2004 before it was later expanded and made more efficient in 2009. It is a voluntary program that is actually unique in the country. It is the only program that acknowledges participants who want to manage or drive their performance through an EMS (more on that in a minute).

The short of it is that the Green Tier program is a program that companies can opt into if they meet certain sustainability requirements.

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Are There a Lot of Green Tier Businesses in Wisconsin?

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In total, there are just 51 Green Tier businesses across Wisconsin. That may seem like a lot but keep in mind nearly any industrial business could be a part of the Green Tier program. This means that there are a wide array of businesses currently in the program and it does grow every year.

However, when it comes to electronics recycling businesses there are just two Green Tier companies, and Sadoff is proud to be one of them. Because of the extra hurdles Green Tier companies have to go through to ensure sustainable business practices, why would you not choose an e-recycling that is in the Green Tier program? What are those requirements? Let’s get into it!

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What Are the Requirements of the Wisconsin Green Tier Program?

There are several ways to get into the Green Tier program. The most common is what is called tier 1. In all 43 of the 51 Green Tier companies are Tier 1. Tier 2, of which there are only 8 members, requires more frequent audits and requires companies to “influence change in their industry or supply chain.” You can also be part of a charter of which there are 7. These charters represent groups of businesses that work together to achieve sustainability goals.

The Tier 1 requirements for Green Tier are:

    • Operate Under an EMS — An EMS or an environmental management system “is a tool that helps an organization understand its environmental impacts and systematically operate more efficiently by reducing energy usage, minimizing waste and reducing pollution.”
    • Conduct Annual Audits — The EMS must be audited every year and at the Tier 1 level, it must be conducted by a DNR-approved third party every third year.
    • Annual Reporting — Every year, Tier 1 members are required to provide an annual report detailing any progress on environmental goals. These reports are then made publicly available. (You can view ours here)
    • Superior Environmental Performance — This last one actually has a lot to it and measures data across nine different metrics. In short, this last requirement ensures that you are improving your sustainability year over year.

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Use Sadoff for Your Business’s E-Recycling or Data Destruction Needs

If you are looking for e-recycling or data destruction services in Wisconsin, then trust in Sadoff as one of only two Green Tier electronics recyclers in the state. You can count on us for all your e-waste and data destruction needs. Reach out to us today for a quote.

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