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Seventy years offers plenty of time for a company to grow and expand into various geographical regions. That’s exactly what Sadoff Iron & Metal has done. Not only has our traditional scrap metal recycling added expert electronics recycling and data destruction (Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction), we’ve branched into nine locations throughout Wisconsin and Nebraska.

Some companies would understandably become splintered and lose a clear identity. Sadoff, however, avoided this common challenge because of its family-driven culture. From the top down, a premium has always been put on developing real relationships that promote collaboration and caring—just like a family.

That familiarity and deep dedication seem to naturally create pride. Pride in providing quality service. Pride in making a sustainable difference. Pride that employees have each other’s backs. And, when a stable, corporate culture feels like family, productivity levels rise, people are respected and valued, positive energy becomes infectious, and employees are truly happy.

Being Different is Good

“Not every company operates like Sadoff, and we like that,” said Tanya Smith, Human Resources Manager at Sadoff. “Instead of production numbers being our driving force, we put a premium on people that goes beyond just creating a safe working environment, which we do,” she added. As a 20-year Sadoff employee, Tanya has seen the company evolve while the culture remains solid.

“Our people are empowered to think for themselves and grow as individuals,” Tanya said. “It’s like a healthy family.”

That approach is evident in how Sadoff ownership takes an elevated level of interest in new members during employee orientation. Owners are present to welcome and thank new hires for choosing to be a member of the Sadoff family. New hires are assured that leadership understands that they have a life outside of work. If an appointment is scheduled, if a game needs attending, if a recital is about to begin … Sadoff does everything possible to help you be there.

“Although Sadoff follows a traditional organizational hierarchy (ownership, managers, supervisors, workers), an important twist makes us different,” Tanya said. “It’s the dedication to each other and the open door policy that goes deeper. That really mirrors how a family supports each other.”

Improve and Grow—It’s a Constant

On the product side, Sadoff is known for innovation. Our expansion into e-recycling and data destruction meets a vital need, for both companies and the environment. Similarly, management encourages professional growth opportunities for all employees to help spark innovative thinking and new ideas.

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“Each year, every employee is asked to define one area of interest to explore,” Tanya explained. “This provides a chance to develop skills that re-energize individuals and also helps meet Sadoff’s corporate goals.”

Receiving feedback on performance is a key aspect to growth. A Progress Report is generated annually to keep the lines of communication flowing smoothly and expectations communicated properly. This also includes a formal chance to submit any improvement suggestions, although the door is always open to share thoughts.

Success is Recognized and Rewarded

“It’s important to recognize employee achievements,” said Tanya. “At Sadoff, we proudly conduct the Preferred Choice Awards to give credit where it’s due. There are three levels of recognition, and we share these on our company intranet.”

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1) Brass—Any impressive action or service can be recognized. A brief write-up by a customer, employee, or manager results in an appreciation gift card of $25.

2) Copper—The top Brass-level recognitions are voted on to select the Copper Preferred Choice Awards; honorees receive a plaque, $150 bonus, $100 to use at the company store, and a snack for their teams.

3) The Rudoy Award—Named after our founder, this honor is reserved for particularly innovative, big-picture ideas and executions; the $1,500 bonus is a rare, but esteemed, award.

“Everyone Goes Home the Same Way They Showed Up for Work”

Some companies put a priority on safety. Sadoff goes further, believing safety is a core value and something that can never be changed. “Safety first” is truly an unwavering principle.

“We’ve set up numerous procedures that emphasize and explain best practice safety measures,” added Tanya. “At any time, any employee has the power to stop work if anything feels off. It’s vital that everyone goes home the same way they showed up for work.”

A healthy mental state is imperative as well. Our work/life balance keeps employees happy, as does our flexible work schedule, when it’s possible. Again, these are things you’d do for a family member. So, we do that, too.

Committed to Community

We give back to the communities that support us. It not only motivates our people, it’s the right thing to do.

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Our truckers participate in the Fond du Lac Labor Day parade each year, having their families ride along with them. We’ve held open house events where our families and the community are invited. Plus, we enjoy sharing when we see end products that started as Sadoff scrap; Neenah Foundry manhole covers is one worldwide example.

Lastly, to bring our commitment to a more individual level, we encourage employees to participate in approved volunteer activities during paid work hours.

Yes, the Sadoff work environment may be different in Lincoln, Nebraska, than it is at corporate headquarters in Fond du Lac, Wisconsin. Yet, our overall corporate culture remains strong and steady. One reason is because we conduct an annual culture survey to emphasize communication and to maintain our work-hard-play-hard attitude.

Although Sadoff Iron & Metal and Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction (SEDD) can be seen as a huge, two-headed recycling juggernaut, we’re really one united company that simply treats people right. If you’d like to discuss our unique culture in more detail, reach out to us online or call us at (877) 972-3633. See our current job postings on our website.

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