E-Recycling: Look for a Partner, Not Just a Service

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Today, with so much business conducted online, information and privacy are consistent topics in the news and on everyone’s mind. When it comes time to upgrade mobile phones, computers, and other electronic equipment, it’s critical to understand what will happen with the personal information stored on end-of-life devices as we move on to the new generation of technology.

Companies, schools, and other facilities looking to dispose of electronics that contain personal and business information often scramble looking for a service provider that can properly handle the work without any risk of security or environmental hazard. Finding a provider that focuses on basic data destruction might help in a pinch, but there are greater benefits in working with a partner that has more than mere disposal to offer.

Certifications are Only the Beginning

A trusted electronics recycler should have certifications showing they follow certain standards of quality. Sadoff’s certifications include ISO9001, 14001, 18000, R2, and Green Tier. These certifications and processes let our customers know that if they partner with us, we’re doing everything we say we’re doing. However, quality and value shouldn’t end with certifications.

Due to the complexity of IT equipment and related material, electronics recycling has many facets, so it’s important to understand a provider’s recycling process and approach as thoroughly as possible. Asking a provider if you can visit their facility and review their process is a good starting point in determining if a company is the right fit for handling your important data and recycling needs.

The Benefits of Consultation

Before any recycling is done, a provider should meet with each company to develop a custom solution based on their needs. During this initial meeting, they should assess not only what needs to be destroyed, but also what can be remarketed. In doing so, a company can understand the value of their materials and what money they will get back on their investment.

In terms of data destruction, some companies will want just a single certificate of destruction for an entire load of recycling, while others will need an asset disposition for every individual piece of equipment and hard drive that’s been destroyed. Others will want photo documentation or to be present at the time of destruction. Each company and person will have different needs and expectations. That’s why a partnership is so important when it comes to e-recycling. Collaboration can achieve the task at hand, but it also builds a stronger relationship that can help a company achieve their long-term strategic goals.

For instance, when a company is looking to purchase new equipment, an expert partner can offer deeper industry experience to advise on which equipment is likely to have a better recycling value in the future based on the material it contains. Although markets can change unexpectedly, having a partner with thorough knowledge of recycling and the value of materials provides an advantage in a company’s budgeting and purchasing process.

Overall, the consultative approach benefits the IT department as well as purchasing, accounting, and management. This level of value is the true worth of a partnership.

Getting the Best Results from Your E-recycling

At Sadoff, we collect, assess, and destroy, but also analyze our partners’ equipment long-term and holistically, providing detailed reports on all purchased equipment, including original purchase prices, the inventory they have on hand, and more. We can track all equipment information at all times to help our partners make better equipment decisions moving forward.

Ultimately, our goal is to help your department and your company succeed, and from an IT recycling standpoint, we continuously look for areas to improve. So, the next time you need to get rid of old equipment and are concerned about what will happen to the data, or if you’re wondering if there’s still any value in the equipment, contact us and begin a partnership with our 30-plus years of recycling expertise.

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