How is Sadoff Decreasing its Environmental Footprint?

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At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, our environmental footprint is very important to us. Not only do we want to improve the world by recycling as many electronics as possible, but we also want to ensure that we do that recycling in the most environmentally friendly way possible. How is Sadoff decreasing its environmental footprint? Let’s take a close look and single out our Oshkosh location in Wisconsin to see how we’ve improved.

How Does a Recycling Facility Reduce its Environmental Impact?

There are two basic ways any business—a recycler included—can reduce its environmental impact. The first is to use less. This means electricity, natural gas, water, and anything else that generally gets used right down to the paper you print on.

The other way to decrease your environmental impact is to waste less. At home, this would mean throwing out less food and buying products that have less packaging or no packaging at all. The same can be applied to a business and even a recycler. We use a lot of products to keep our machines operating and our employees happy. The more sustainable those products the better.

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How Has Sadoff Reduced its Resource Usage?

The big area where a business like ours can reduce its footprint comes down to the resources we use, and using 2019 as a baseline, you will see huge savings with our 2021 numbers:

  • Natural Gas Usage Reduced By 44%
  • Water Usage Reduced By 80%
  • Propane Usage Reduced By 45%
  • Electricity Usage Reduced By 5%

These are huge savings that of course help the bottom line but also make our community and our planet just a little more sustainable.

How Has Sadoff Reduced Waste?

Even with those big improvements to our resource usage, we didn’t stop there. Instead, we kept improving by lowering the waste we produce and by practicing what we preach. It’s not just our friends, neighbors, and local business and partners that we expect to recycle. We recycle too! Take a look at our stats:

  • Red waste barrelsSolid Waste Generation Reduced By 88%
  • Universal Waste Generated 0

That’s not a reduction of 0 for universal waste. In total, we have generated 0 universal waste in 2021. What is universal waste? Essentially, universal waste is common waste that is also hazardous to the environment. Examples are batteries, lamps, and mercury-containing equipment. We do have universal waste on site, but any that would pass typically pass through our facility as waste is instead recycled. After all, recycling is what we do.

Sadoff is a Proud Member of the WDNR Green Tier Program

We are certainly proud of our certifications, but we are also happy to be a member of the Green Tier Program through the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. We joined back in 2017 in Tier 1, and now we’ve now been a member for 5 years. In part, this membership has helped our Oshkosh location to see the big improvements that we mentioned above.


We’ve invested in our people, our teams, our facilities, and our standards of excellence to continue to improve and be better. Through our Green Tier participation, Sadoff continues to find ways to protect the environment and improve its footprint in an industry that is focused on conservation. We look forward to our continued partnership!

Learn About Our Green Masters Participation

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