4 I.T. Resolutions for 2019

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If you’re one of the many I.T. professionals planning your personal and department goals for 2019, you’re not alone. Technology, security, and equipment are constantly changing, requiring I.T. professionals to be on the cutting edge when it comes to the devices employees rely on to do their jobs every day.

To help you think of some achievable and unique goals, we’ve compiled a list that will not only surprise your boss but contribute to your company’s sustainability initiatives – and maybe even save some money, too.

1. Scale down: Initiate a program to clear out obsolete equipment

If you’re guilty of a server room jampacked with outdated electronics, cleaning out the server room should be at the top of your resolution list.

Hoarding outdated electronics like computers, storage devices, and cell phones not only wastes space, but they pose a security risk to your company and employees.

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Be the hero in the equation. While cleaning out the server closet isn’t a fun job, you can share your extra efforts in your performance review. What boss doesn’t appreciate an employee who goes the extra mile to protect the security of the business and employees?


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What’s in it for my company?

A security breach due to leaked confidential employee and customer info can break trust and could create legal issues down the road.



Learn the issues of keeping old electronics around in our blog.

2. Pitch it: Set up a strategic recycling program to support sustainability initiatives

Electronics that reach the end of their life should be recycled; however, this topic sometimes reveals I.T. professionals’ concerns associated with data security and responsible e-recycling.

Once you find an e-recycler that is willing to provide certification of data destruction, contractually own liability, and provide proof that they responsibly recycle, set up a continuous plan for electronics recycling so that it doesn’t build up in your office.

it employee iconWhat’s in it for me?

Setting up a program to remove outdated electronics from your facility shows initiative that you’re invested in the future of the company.



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What’s in it for my company?

Finding an e-recycler that is dedicated to safe and guaranteed data destruction gives businesses peace of mind. Simply wiping the data off a device or reformatting it doesn’t guarantee the data is gone.



3. Trade it: Find extra budget by remarketing valuable parts

The need to upgrade outdated I.T. infrastructure is the biggest driver of I.T. budget increases in 2019. Find extra dollars in your budget by refurbishing or remarketing valuable parts that are no longer needed by your organization. When you find the right partner, this can become a mindless task. You can rely on e-recycler support to get the job done with minimal effort on your end.

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The employee who saves money or finds ways to extend a department budget always gets brownie points.

An e-recycler that can refurbish or remarket parts for you helps you feel good about extending the part’s life. Plus, you’ll be able to add real metrics to your self-evaluation come performance reviews.


it company iconWhat’s in it for my company?

Every penny counts with today’s strict budgets and the expense of new technology.

Refurbishing or remarketing parts adds dollars back to the company’s bottom line and may help with unplanned I.T. expenses.


Read more on swapping excess I.T. equipment for cash in our blog.

4. Plan it: Determine a circular strategy for the future

Create a plan that goes beyond just the intermittent recycling pick up. There are e-recyclers that will come in and assess the condition of your current equipment, review technology upgrading strategies, handle end of life management, and help you develop a comprehensive strategy for responsible purchasing, remarketing, and removal. 

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Enjoy the comfort that comes with an insightful consultant who removes all confidential concerns. A strategic relationship like this supports your bottom line and the environment.



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What’s in it for my company?

Third parties may be able to identify cost-saving opportunities and provide ideas to extend your I.T. dollars.




Find an e-recycler that goes above and beyond – so you can, too!

As an I.T. professional, the most helpful partners are those that act strategically by providing solutions rather than reactive box-checkers. When you work with the e-recycling experts at Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, you can sleep better at night knowing:

  • Devices are processed at ISO-compliant facilities
  • Storage devices are always destroyed by both magnetic and solid-state drives
  • We contractually own liability and are 100% backed by insurance
  • Certificates of destruction are provided, upon request

We strive to make your job easier

Start 2019 off right by contacting us online or at (833) E-Recycl today!

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