Should You Risk Data Destruction In-house?

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Everyone wants to save a dollar. We have all been there. Why pay someone when you can do it perhaps almost as good yourself? Should you risk data destruction in-house? We are here to tell you that it is not worth the risk when it comes to data destruction.

Can You Just Erase Data With a Hard Drive Format?

Everyone thinks that this is going to be enough to eliminate any potential for data thievery. Unfortunately, this is not the case. When you format a hard drive, it is simply marking all the data for overwriting. It doesn’t delete it. The same goes when you move stuff to the recycling bin. The data is still there, and though you can’t see it, many programs that are free and easy to use will let anyone who is even moderately motivated tap right into it.

Before you try it, multiple formats do the same thing. What you really need to do is overwrite the data. That requires special software that is costly and you still run the risk of someone using the software wrong.

Could You Just Physically Destroy the Drive?

Man holding a drill to a computerPhysical destruction is a great idea. In fact, at Sadoff, it’s what we recommend in most instances, though we can do overwriting and even magnetic degaussing to destroy data as well. Unfortunately, physical data destruction is something that is very easy to do incorrectly. If you don’t destroy the drive properly, data might still be recoverable.

On the flip side, some methods of physical destruction can put you at further risk. Some have found that out the hard way and accidentally drilled through a battery pack resulting in a fire. Don’t run the risk of a fire. Have your data destroyed professionally.

What to do With Old Lithium-Ion Batteries

What are the Advantages of Professional Data Destruction?

The first big advantage is that it will be done the right way with no data left behind. That means no client data that could leak or trade secrets that could disrupt your business. How do you know that your data will be handled the right way? You need to work with a certified data destruction company that will provide you with reporting on everything you need.

Even with those assurances, there is still a chance that things could go south and not all your data gets destroyed. What happens then? Who is on the hook? That all depends on who you work with. When you work with Sadoff, we 100% contractually own liability. If something goes wrong, we are on the hook, not you.

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Should You Consider Free- E-Recycling Options?

Free e-recycling is a big risk, and often how they will handle data destruction is with a drill and not much else. This leaves your data at risk for being stolen and it also means that your electronics are likely not going to be e-recycled properly either. In truth, free e-recycling is almost always too good to be true.

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Get a Quote on Data Destruction and E-Recycling Today

When you need e-recycling or data destruction done for your business, Sadoff is the right place to turn. We have locations in Wisconsin and Nebraska, but we work with businesses nationwide and we are ready to get to work for you. Reach out to us today for a quote. We don’t just provide data destruction and e-recycling. We provide peace of mind.

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