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In the fast-paced world of telecommunications, ensuring the reliability and optimal performance of your network infrastructure is paramount. Outdated or malfunctioning equipment can lead to costly downtime, service disruptions, and dissatisfied customers. That’s where SunCoast Communications steps in, offering comprehensive OEM equipment testing services that safeguard your network and streamline your operations.

Expert Testing for a Wide Range of OEM Platforms

SunCoast understands that a robust telecom network relies on a diverse array of equipment from various Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs). That’s why we’ve partnered with industry leaders to provide testing capabilities for an extensive list of platforms:

  • Adtran: OPTI-6100, TA1500, TA3000, TA5000, TA924
  • ADVA: FSP 150
  • AFC: UMC1000
  • AFC/Tellabs: AccessMax
  • Alcatel: 7450, 7750, 7300 ASAM, 7330 ISAM, ASAM 1000, Litespan 1540, Lucent 1660SM, Lucent 1665 DMX, Lucent 5ESS (limited), Lucent B-STDX 9000, Lucent CBX-500, Lucent FT-2000, Lucent GX-550, Lucent LambdaUnite 1675, Newbridge 7270, Newbridge 7670/7470 RSP, Newbridge Mainstreet 36170
  • Anda Networks: EtherEdge 4000
  • Arris: C4 CMTS
  • BigBand: BMR1200
  • CAC: Access Navigator, Axxius 800, Widebank 28
  • Calix: C7, E2, E7, Ocam B6
  • CDI: Unigard
  • Ceragon: 1500-HP
  • Ciena: CN2600, CN4200, CN6500, CoreStream, Multiwave (Sentry and 4000), OME6500, Waveserver Ai
  • Cisco: 15454-M6, ASA 55xx, ASR9000, NCS2K, ONS 15454, ONS15600, Optical Couplers, Prisma II
  • Cyan: Z Series
  • Exalt: Radios
  • Fujitsu: Flash-192, Flashwave 4100, Flashwave 4500, Flashwave 7420, Flashwave 9500, FLM-150, FLM-2400, FLM-600
  • Infinera: DTN-X
  • Juniper: CX111, M160, M40/M40E, M7i, MX240, MX480, MX960
  • Marconi: ASX-1000, ASX200-BX, ASX-4000
  • Motorola: Arris AXS 1800, Arris AXS 2200, iDirect
  • MRV: OS904, OS940
  • Nortel: Common Photonic Layer (CPL), ConnectDX, DMI-F45, EBSC, ERS 8600, LH1600, Media Gateway 9000 (MG9K), Metro ESU 1800, OC12 VTBM /FDN 600, OC48 Classic / FDN 2400, OC48 Lite, OM3100, OME 6100, OME 6500, Optera Metro 3400, Optera Metro 3500, Optical Cross Connect HDX/HDXc, Optical Metro 5100/5200, Passport 15K, Passport 4k, Passport 6400, Passport 7k, S/DMS OC192, Spectrum Peripheral Module (SPM), Supernode Data Manager (SDM), Versatile Service Engine (VSE)
  • Overture: ISG 400
  • Shark: XEL XSP-1000
  • Symmetricom: DCD-DIM (includes stratum clock calibration), SSU-2000 (includes stratum clock calibration), TimeHub 5500
  • Tellabs: 7100/7100 Nano, T6400, Titan 5500
  • Turin: Traverse 600/1600

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Your Sparing Needs, Simplified

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We understand that maintaining spare parts inventory can be a complex and costly endeavor. SunCoast offers a streamlined solution to manage your sparing needs. We maintain a vast inventory of tested and ready-to-ship circuit boards for all the platforms listed above. By partnering with us, you can avoid the hassle and expense of storing excess inventory while ensuring you have quick access to the components you need when unexpected failures occur.

Tailored Partnership Solutions

SunCoast is committed to building long-term partnerships with our clients. We offer flexible solutions tailored to your specific needs. If you have recurring requirements for certain circuit boards, we can establish stocking positions to maintain pre-tested inventory levels, ready for immediate dispatch. This minimizes downtime and ensures you always have the right components on hand.

Comprehensive Support You Can Count On

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond testing and providing spare parts. We work closely with you to understand your network infrastructure and anticipate potential issues. Our expert team is available to provide technical support and guidance, helping you optimize your network’s performance and reliability.

Finding Refurbished Equipment in Telecom

Contact Sadoff and SunCoast Today

Are you ready to take a proactive approach to network maintenance and ensure the longevity of your telecom equipment? SunCoast Communications is here to help. Contact us today to discuss your OEM equipment testing needs and explore how we can become your trusted partner in network reliability and efficiency.

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