What are the Benefits of Data Destruction?

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You can also rely on Sadoff to handle all of your data destruction needs. We can talk until we are blue in the face about the benefits of data destruction, but let us boil it down for you with our top 5 benefits of data destruction.

Top 5 Benefits of Data Destruction

We’ll be honest, it was hard to whittle this list down to just five benefits. In truth, the benefits and their ranking can vary from business to business. In general, these are the top benefits.

1. The Safest Data is No Data

At the end of the day, we destroy data to reduce liability. Every bit of data that your data drives contain represents a little bit of risk, and it adds up fast. The problem for many companies comes down to improper handling of such devices when they have reached the end of their life. Companies often resort to reuse through formatting or even dumping them improperly. Formatting isn’t enough as it doesn’t destroy data. Instead it marks the data for overwriting. On some drives, even a single overwrite after a format isn’t enough to entirely destroy data.

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2. Protect Your Clients and Customers

Of course, you want to protect your company, but in doing so you want to protect your customers too. Your industry will dictate what types of information you have for each client, but even basic identifiable information such as name, address, phone number, etc. in conjunction with your business relationship to the client can be used to nefarious ends by bad actors. Even if you think your client data isn’t sensitive, you should think again. Some of the largest data breaches of all time that did serious business damage only leaked seemingly “basic” identifying information.

3. Protect Your Employees

The only reason we put this at number 3 instead of number 2 is because we have to inevitably rank one above the other and most companies have more clients than they do employees. So just by sheer numbers you likely have more client data than you have employee data. Depending on your industry and your policies, it could be the employee data that is more sensitive though. Often, employees will use work assets for personal matters unless policy forbids it. This means that highly sensitive data may be accessible to future users of their equipment.

4. Protect the Environment

E-recycling is a big part of what we do here at Sadoff. If you are destroying data, in most cases, it is because the device has reached the end of its lie. At Sadoff, we can e-recycle the whole computer. In doing so, we will remove any data drives, destroy the data, before ultimately recycling those materials too. In short, not only is it better for you, your clients, and your employees for you to properly destroy data, it also ends up being better for the environment too.

5. Avoid Fines and Legal Recourse

For some, this might hit the top of the list, and we understand why that may be the case. You read about data breaches all the time and you hear about the big fines and court cases. What you don’t realize is that though these fines are often debilitating to a company, they pale in comparison to the loss of business due to damage to your company’s reputation.

How Do We Limit Liability For E-Recycling and Data Destruction?

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