What Devices Can Cause a Data Breach?

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If you are a company of any size, you should be concerned about a data breach. A data breach can affect any company, and physical data theft is a very common cause for data breaches. This can happen even after you clean the devices and recycle them. You need data destruction services for your devices, but what devices? What devices can cause a data breach? Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction is here to help!

Types of Devices That Can Contain Sensitive Data

  • A bunch of crushed and destroyed computer componentsComputer—This is an obvious one, but specifically it’s going to be your hard drives and solid state drives that will store the sensitive data. Remember, even a drive format may not be enough to protect you against a potential data breach via theft or some other means.
  • Thumb drives—Though they are a little less popular than they are now, thumb drives or USB sticks are a notorious source for data theft. They are small, easy to misplace, and rarely labeled.
  • Physical Media—If thumb drives are going down in popularity, then even less popular are storage CDs, DVDs, Zip Drives, and other physical storage media. Their lack of modern popularity actually means they are more dangerous. It’s easy to assume an old CD is worthless, but a smart data thief will see that as an easy opportunity to get access to your data.
  • Servers—This is a no-brainer, just like with your computers, your servers are going to store a lot of data that you don’t want falling into the wrong hands.
  • Tablets—More and more, businesses rely on tablets. Just like a computer, a tablet has storage devices inside it, and needs to be handled with care.
  • Cell Phones—The corporate cell phone is now commonplace, and this means that not only is it a place for calls, but a palace for everything else. With access to emails, documents, contacts, and more, a corporate cell phone is a prime target for a would-be data thief.

What is Data Destruction and How Does it Work?

What to do With Company Devices at Their End of Life?

All of these things can put your company at risk if they fall into the hands of a data thief. This is why you need to undertake proper security measures, ensure that they are securely stored when not in use, and decommission those devices when they have outlived their usefulness.

When you are decommissioning those devices, it’s safer for your company and your data if you utilize a skilled e-recycler and data destruction service, like Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. Not only are those services in our name, but when you work with us, we contractually own liability.

Where to Safely Decommission Your Old Electronics

You can count on Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction to safely decommission your old electronics. Not only do we have years of experience, but we also have the certifications to back us up. We have a total of seven locations. In Wisconsin, we have locations in Oshkosh, Fond du Lac, Sheboygan, Green Bay, and Manitowoc. In Nebraska, we have a location in Lincoln and a business-2-business location in La Vista. Though we are located primarily in Wisconsin and Nebraska, we can do business nationwide too. Contact us for a quote today!

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