What is R2 Certification in E-Recycling?

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At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we are proud of our certifications. We have a lot of them, but our R2 certification is sort of a big deal. What is R2 certification in E-Recycling? It rolls in several other certifications into it to make it perhaps the most robust certification out there for e-recyclers. Let’s explore more about what that means.

What does R2 Certification Mean?

We can rattle off the entirety of the R2 certification, how it works, and what it requires us to do, and though that means a whole lot to us, it doesn’t directly translate into what it means for you. Despite that, it actually should mean a whole lot to you, and we firmly believe that you should not work with an electronic recycler that doesn’t have R2 certification. Find out what that R2 certification means for you.

It Means Secure Data

lock on a laptop with red and green backgroundAs a modern company, your data is valuable. You wouldn’t want just anyone to go on one of your computers and start poking around into all your data, and for that matter, your client’s data, would you? The same applies to all those computers that you are throwing away, even if you took the time to format the drives. By following R2 processes for secure data handling and destruction, we ensure that your data never falls into the wrong hands.

It Means Fewer Mistakes

The key to avoiding 99% of all mistakes is having good processes, and R2 certification ensures that we are following good processes. The same types of processes that ensure your data remains safe also ensure that toxic metals and materials don’t enter the environment, that resources aren’t wasted, and even that our workers’ health and safety remain at the forefront of how we do business.

It Means Your Not Liable

Mistakes are going to happen. We don’t make mistakes often, and many of our clients work with us for decades without any single issue, but we’d be lying if we said that issues have never come up. Here’s the best part though, because we contractually own liability, those mistakes do not reflect on you. Our fully insured business is liable for anything and everything that happens after your leave your electronics with us.

It Means You Can Rest Easy

All of this is really building towards one thing, your peace of mind. We want you to be able to rest easy the moment those computers and electronics enter one of our facilities. We are not R2 certified because it’s trendy, fun, or easy. In fact, it’s definitely not easy. We are R2 certified for the sake of our customers, our employees, and our environment. Through our R2 certification, we have improved how we operate, and we will continue to improve, make our services even better, and keep your data even more secure. That is our promise to you!

Beware of Uncertified E-Recyclers

Do you know what we encounter a whole lot with potential clients of our e-recycling and data destruction services? Everyone seems to know a guy. “I know a guy who will take all my e-waste for free.” Do you know what the problem is with that? Generally, the risk stays with you. Without certifications in place, you don’t know how they are handling your data, you don’t know how they are recycling your equipment, and you certainly aren’t offered any sort of tracking.

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That’s why, when it comes to e-recycling, you shouldn’t trust that guy you know or that friend of a friend. You should trust us at Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction. Reach out to us today and let us provide you with a quote on any e-recycling or data destruction services you need.

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