What’s the Difference Between E-Waste and E-Scrap?

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In any industry, you will see terms thrown around, and e-recycling is no different. Two of those terms that come up a lot are e-waste and e-scrap. What is the difference between these terms? Sadoff is here to help you understand.

Can E-Scrap and E-Waste be Used Interchangeably?

For the most part, e-scrap and e-waste can be used interchangeably, especially outside the industry. The differences have been worn away in common language. You don’t have to feel self-conscious about using one over the other, but we will tell you what the actual difference is.

How are E-Waste and E-Scrap Different?

Technically speaking, e-recycling usually has both e-waste and e-scrap until it is properly sorted. E-waste is the term used for any materials or components that cannot be recycled and are true waste, whereas e-scrap is the recyclable material.
Any e-recycling facility handles and processes both. The e-waste will include any toxic materials as well including lead, mercury, and cadmium which either have to be disposed of properly or sent to specific facilities for processing and potential recycling.

E-scrap is ready to reuse right away and is generally considered to be non-toxic. This category is where most of the usual metals would all end up including copper, aluminum, and steel. Plastics and other recyclable materials would also fall into this category.

Does the Distinction Between E-Waste and E-Scrap Matter?

Person sorting circuit boardsInside the industry, it most certainly does matter. The distinction tells other industry professionals exactly what we are talking about. It helps us avoid confusion and communicate clearly about our trade.

However, if you are a client or just a curious someone, you can use these terms interchangeably. We hear both referencing either all the time and are frankly used to it. Just don’t be surprised if you get a correction every now and then.

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Who Sorts the E-Waste From the E-Scrap?

Your e-recycling center of choice can handle the in-depth sorting, where components are stripped and materials are separated for future processing. Many e-recycling companies will prefer it if you can sort out any racking and sort your electronics including removing external cabling.

With Sadoff, we leave it up to you. We will gladly do the sorting for you and factor it into any quote we provide. Sadoff has something that most of our competitors don’t. Through our sister Sadoff company, we can also recycle any metal that you may have. This means that any server-racking or similar metal materials that e-recyclers commonly don’t take, we will take.

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Where to Take Your E-Scrap or E-Waste?

If your business is in Wisconsin or Nebraska, then Sadoff is the easy choice, as we have multiple facilities spread across both states with an R2V3-certified location in each to process all of our e-scrap/e-waste. If you are not located in either of those states, then you can still work with us as we provide our services nationwide. Wherever your business may be located, we can come to you, collect any e-recycling materials and process them at one of our facilities. It really is that easy.

Not only can we process e-recycling, but we can also destroy data using physical destruction, overwriting, or degaussing. We can also provide IT asset remarketing services to ensure you get the most out of any electronics you are looking to part with. Additionally, if you are looking to set up an ITAD program, we can consult with you on that too. Reach out to us today!

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