Where to Recycle Electronics in Kentucky?

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If you are a company with a lot of electronics piling up, whether it’s in a supply room, a server closet, or even collecting dust in some disused office, you likely want to know what to do with those electronics. If you are looking for where to recycle electronics in Kentucky or want to learn more about your electronics disposal options in the Bluegrass State, then you’re in luck because Sadoff is here to help with a quick and simple guide.

Can You Throw Electronics in the Trash in Kentucky?

E-waste toxic waste statsUnfortunately, you can throw electronics in the trash in Kentucky as there are no official state regulations against their disposal in landfills. We say that it’s unfortunate because electronics that end up in a landfill or even in an incinerator are very bad for the environment.

Why is it so bad, especially since electronics must account for so little of what actually ends up in a landfill? It’s true that e-waste represents only 2% of landfill trash in the U.S. However, though it only accounts for 2% of landfill trash it accounts for 70% of the toxic waste! That’s right, if we could reduce e-waste down to 0, it would eliminate 70% of the toxic waste that currently ends up in landfills.

What Kind of Toxic Waste is in E-Waste?

E-waste contains nothing too pleasant. Though you will find a lot of stuff like copper, silver, gold, palladium, and other important and even precious metals, you will also find things like mercury and even arsenic.

These materials are completely safe inside your electronics where they are contained, but when they are exposed to the elements long-term and also subjected to the heat and pressure of a landfill—or worse, an incinerator—suddenly these once perfectly contained toxic materials are now free to seep into the soil, groundwater, and even the atmosphere.

You may think, “But the landfill is nowhere near where I live.” That doesn’t matter. Airborne toxins can travel for hundreds of miles, and soil and water toxins are even worse. Though they may not be where you live, they can infect the plants that our livestock eats, which essentially means we are eating those toxins.

5 Reasons You Should Recycle E-Waste

It’s Your Corporate Duty to E-Recycle

We are not just saying this as an e-recycling company ourselves, but as a company that wants others to take up environmental issues themselves. You don’t have to go out of your way to plant a tree or remove plastic from the sea—though those are good initiatives to have too—but instead, start with the impact that you already have on the environment. Don’t let things like old computer hardware, industrial electronics, or other electronics add to the already growing problem of toxic waste. Collect, reuse, and e-recycle your old electronics.

How To Begin a Corporate E-Recycling Program in Kentucky?

If you want to start doing your part and you are looking for an e-recycler you can trust, then we have to recommend ourselves. No, we are not in Kentucky, but our operations in Wisconsin and Nebraska mean that freighting things from Kentucky is really no problem at all. What’s more, we are not just an e-recycler. We also offer data destruction (both physical and digital), IT asset remarketing, and because we have a sister metal business, we can often take things like server racking that other e-recyclers won’t touch. Reach out to Sadoff E-Recycling and Data Destruction today!

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