How to Develop a Successful In-House E-Recycling Program

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As we work to raise awareness of the growing e-waste crisis and initiate actionable steps to mitigate the masses of e-waste produced, our goal is to provide solutions of all sizes.

Major factors such as e-waste legislation are paramount to the global populace getting control of the problems we’re facing with improperly disposed electronic devices. And certainly, our actions as individual stewards of the environment are vital, as our actions accumulate to impact the planet collectively.

While a single person can’t suddenly declare new e-waste laws, subsidies, or tax incentives—nor will isolated, individual efforts ever be capable of solving wholesale crises—some people do occupy unique positions from which they can effect change that falls somewhere between the macro and micro: business leaders.

Put simply, businesses that use technology will inevitably create e-waste; virtually any office is going to experience equipment upgrades and find themselves with bulk electronics that no longer serve the changing needs of the business.

Company leaders don’t just have an opportunity to leverage their role to employ e-recycling for the sake of the environment. They also have an obligation to maintain data security at their companies. And by implementing an in-house e-recycling program, businesses can both fulfil this environmental opportunity and meet their security obligation.

Starting an In-House E-Recycling Program from Scratch

If you’re interested in starting proper e-waste disposal at your company, great! That desire is of course the first necessary step toward making it happen. But what comes next?

Find an E-Recycling Partner

In order to implement in-house e-recycling at your business, you’ll need to find a reliable, R2-certified e-recycling company to partner with in your community. You’ll want to ensure not only the validity of the e-waste disposal processes, but also the security of the e-recycler’s data destruction services. Discuss your options regarding on-site electronics disposal bins for your company.

Educate Your Team on E-Recycling Responsibilities

The next step? Inform your team of this excellent new addition to their workplace. Let everyone who works on-site know they’ll soon be seeing e-waste bins at your building, and take the opportunity to share information on e-waste’s impact on the planet. Since team members throughout your company may also have personal data on electronics owned by the company, you can also educate them on the potential risks of data mined from e-waste and how your new in-house e-recycling program provides all manner of data security.

Bonus: Help Employees Recycle Personal Electronics

Further, as an added employee perk, you may encourage everyone to bring their obsolete personal electronics from home to be disposed via the new e-waste bins on-site. As e-waste is a relatively new concept for most people, many employees may not otherwise know which electronics are recyclable, let alone where or how to recycle them, thereby making your new program yet another benefit to your workforce. You’ll also show your team how the company’s goals go far beyond mere finance.

The Right E-Recycling for Your Business

An in-house e-recycling program for your company is a powerful opportunity to help the planet, maintain data security, and encourage your values throughout the workplace. To learn how Sadoff E-Recycling and Data Destruction can help advise your company on implementing a new, in-house e-recycling program, contact us, and let’s add this simple yet meaningful program to your business.

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