What Electronics Can You Recycle?

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Do you have electronics building up at home or at your business that you really need to get rid of? We hope you know that you shouldn’t throw them away (in fact, in some states it’s illegal), but instead you should recycle them. What electronics can you recycle? Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction are experts and we can give you the rundown on what we intake for recycling every day.

What Can Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction Recycle?

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  • Computers—You may have expected this one, but you may also have questions. If it’s a computer in the traditional sense, then it can be recycled. This means laptops, desktops, towers, and everything in between.
  • Computer Parts—Have computer parts laying around too? If it’s a PC component, it can be recycled.
  • Network Equipment—As networks evolve and change, companies, and people end up with a lot of networking equipment laying around. Everything including routers, modems, switches, access points, and even whole servers can be recycled.
  • Monitors and TVs—Everyone ends up with a TV or two and even a monitor or two. Whether they grow old and outdated or just break, they all can be recycled. That also includes projection TVs as well.
  • Computer Accessories—Keyboards, mice, and pretty much everything you can plug into a computer can be recycled. Even when small things like mice break, don’t throw them out. Store them until you are ready for a trip to the recycler.
  • Power Supplies—Modern devices often require a power supply. Whether it’s an internal component or an external one, it can be recycled.
  • Storage Devices—Whether you have hard drives or solid-state drives, we can not only recycle them but also wipe and/or destroy the data. We can also handle other media including tapes, CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, FOBs, and more.
  • Batteries—Often people have no idea what to do with batteries, but they can all be recycled including lithium-ion batteries, laptop batteries, tool batteries, cell phone batteries, and more.
  • Phones—Speaking of phones, your old cell phones can also be recycled. Do you have a phone system at your business that you would also like to recycle? We can help you out there too.
  • Tablets—Any tablets including iPads, Kindles, and other similar devices can certainly be recycled.
  • Audio Visual Equipment—If it can play a video or sound, and you don’t want it, it can be recycled. This includes Blu-ray, DVD, and VHS players. Portable music players including iPods and CD Players, cassette players, amps, and more.
  • Printers and Copiers—We swear, printers break more often than anything else. If it can be used to print, scan, and/or fax, it can be recycled. We can also recycle old ink and toner cartridges as well.
  • Gaming Systems—Have an old gaming console that no longer works? Do you have old video games? Yes, they can all be recycled.
  • Other—Do you somehow have something we don’t have listed here? Feel free to reach out and we’ll see what we can do!

How is Sadoff Decreasing its Environmental Footprint?

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Whether you are a local to one of our facilities in Wisconsin or Nebraska or a business with a lot of electronics to recycle, we can provide you with a quote. Some items cost a little money to recycle, and for others, we can actually pay you.

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