How to Protect Client Data in Old Computers

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A company of any size is going to develop troves of data and that data should be protected. You can install anti-virus software, ensure proper safety protocols are followed, and create or employ IT security training, all of that is well and good but what about those old machines? You know the ones we are talking about. You likely have them stashed away in a closet or storage room. Do you even think about that data? Client data is still on those machines and devices, and you need to learn how to protect client data in old computers. That’s where we can help you out. Follow these practices, and you’ll ensure that your data is protected.

Keep Computers Not in Use Disconnected

Any computer that stays on your network is at risk, especially if there is no one there to ensure that it’s being updated with the latest software. Computers that are hardwired can even be programmed to wake up when contacted via the Internet with specific commands.

Change Your Wi-Fi Password Regularly

Very rarely are computers in the modern workplace relying on a physical connection anymore. This is riskier of course, but it’s a lot more convenient too. If you are going to have a Wi-Fi network, then we recommend you at least change the password regularly. This will ensure that old computers can’t be turned on and have an Internet connection available.

Secure Your Old Computers

There’s a reason most businesses have an equipment closet or locker. Keep your equipment locked up when not in use. It’s pretty easy for someone, even an employee of yours, to slip in, grab a laptop, and have it back the next day without anyone noticing. Make sure that’s not a possibility.

Don’t just keep it locked either, make sure that the key or keys are restricted to only personnel that need it and that these are people you can trust. Even better if it is guarded by a key card or pad so that you can know who comes and goes and when. Lastly, if you can, put a security camera in this room as well.

Why Your Old Devices Leave You at Risk for a Data Breach

Avoid Extra People in Your Business

Data theft can occur without physical theft, but if the computer isn’t connected in any way to the Internet, then it’s much harder. However, with a physical presence, an unattended guest can turn into a bad actor. We get it though, you run a business and regardless of your business type, you likely have to host guests. Ensure not just anyone has access to your IT equipment, and when you do have to welcome guests, make sure they are not left to their own devices by your own devices.

Destroy as Soon as Possible

Computers lined on a tableWhat is your computer locker or closet for? You should be using it for computers and equipment that you aren’t currently using but that could be used again. If you get a new employee tomorrow that needs a computer, are you going to this supply closet? If any computer in there is not useful to your company anymore, then you need to remove it as a liability, and the best way to do that is with an e-recycling and data destruction service like what we provide at Sadoff.

We can ensure that all your data is 100% destroyed. What’s more, we can recycle all the materials or even safely remarket your old computers. This could mean that an old computer that was no longer of use to your company, could actually make you money.

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Is Formatting Enough

There are still a lot of people that assume a formatted drive is good enough to foil any data theft. In many cases, this is not true. Data can survive a format which is why you need a professional data destruction service like what Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction provides.

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