Sadoff – Reflecting on 75 Years of Excellence

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Recently, Sadoff was featured in the Midlands Business Journal for our work in Omaha. It was a beautiful feature about our history, our longevity, and our future, and we’d like to include some of those reflections here as well.

The Path to Longevity for Sadoff

Sadoff team forming a 75 at a Sadoff facilityThough this side of our business is known as Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we owe our roots to Sadoff Iron & Metal. We began as a scrap metal and recycling business 75 years ago. Currently, our leadership includes brothers Mark, Jason, and Bradford Lasky, but as a company, our story began in 1947 with their grandfather Edward H. Rudoy.

Rudoy was an immigrant from Ukraine that chose to buy Block Salvage in Oshkosh, WI. He had bold plans and financial support from an ambitious bank and his wife’s family. His plans wouldn’t stop there. He purchased Sadoff Iron & Metal in Fond du Lac, WI in 1964 to further expand the business.

In 1972, Sheldon Lasky, Rudoy’s son-in-law joined the business and just a year later they purchased their first automobile shredding machine. When Rudoy retired in 1991, it was Sheldon Lasky that took over the business. The business has continued to grow under the Sadoff banner with 5 locations in Wisconsin and a further 3 in Nebraska. Additionally, these locations have expanded to include e-waste handling and data destruction services under our Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction name. The future for Sadoff is bright.

“We see ourselves as stewards of the business. There’s a need — it’s a mature, basic business but it is also a backbone to the economy.”

-CEO Mark Lasky

A New Side to the Business

In that time, a lot has changed. The industry is entirely different, the electronics recycling and data destruction industries didn’t even exist when Sadoff was first founded. In 2016, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction was born as an R-2 certified company.

Today, Sadoff is helping more clients meet their security and sustainability objectives than ever before, and Sadoff is only going to grow from here. “We’re helping our company be a provider to others, so they achieve their sustainability goals,” Jason Lasky said. “We’re seeing that as a desire and as a need.”

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Sadoff is not only seeking business growth but also the personal growth of its team members.

Of their team, CEO Mark Lasky had this to say, “Today’s companies talk about their ‘why.’ Why do people want to commit their careers here or why do people want to do business with you? At Sadoff, we enhance the quality of life by creating security through sustainability.” And when it comes to safety, Jason Lasky may have said it best, “We went from believing in safety to really having safety as a value.”

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It’s a Bright Future For Sadoff

After 75 years of growth and change, the dedication remains the same, and the Lasky team is so pleased to be sharing that 75-year milestone with its employees and the communities that have helped Sadoff flourish.

“When you have successes, you celebrate, reward, recognize and respect the people who got you there.”
-CEO Mark Lasky

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