What is it Like to Work With Sadoff?

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You’ve heard all about our services: data destruction, e-recycling, IT asset remarketing, and more! But what is it like to actually work with Sadoff? We can talk about how great we are to work with, but we get it, you’d want a second unbiased opinion. And today, that’s exactly what we are going to give you with our latest case study.

Case Study: Rothschild Investment Corp

Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Rothschild Investment Corp on a rather large project with a tight deadline. Not only did they love working with us, but they also wanted to share that experience with others. As you can imagine, in this industry that’s rare. Many of our best clients just aren’t in a position to provide details about how our services were able to help them.

Before we get into what the fine folks at Rothschild Investment Corp had to say about their experience with us, we would just like to thank them firstly for their business and secondly for being so open with us after our services were rendered.

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Testimonial From Rothschild Investment Corp

Below is a provided testimonial from James Frank (Managing Director) and Tina Biancofiori (Systems Administrator) at Rothschild Investment Corp:

We reached out to Sadoff during a recent office relocation that required us to e-recycle old equipment and destroy old data. The end of our lease was rapidly approaching and we faced a very tight timeframe to remove all of our property from the old space. Since we had been there for twenty years, a lot had accumulated which made the job complex.

Sadoff was very attentive from the moment we called and provided excellent service throughout the process. We called several other firms to receive competing bids, but none were able to provide the service in the expedited time frame we required, so the decision to use Sadoff was an easy one.

They completed the job in less than a day and charged what we felt was a very reasonable price. They were great to work with through the process including a couple of follow-up documentation requests after the project had been completed.

How Sadoff Can Work For You

From the gracious testimonial above, you can see evidence of our ability to work with:

  • Sadoff colors checklistTight Deadlines—We can often offer fast turnaround times and our expert teams can be in and out. Give us the details of your job and we can almost always find a way to get it done regardless of the schedule.
  • Complex Jobs—Our team can tackle pretty much anything. Not only can we handle your typical electronics, but we can also handle anything old and even things like server racking which other e-recyclers rarely want to touch.
  • Documentation—At Sadoff, we never shy away from documentation. We can provide any documentation that you need for any reason. Whether it’s to meet your internal policies, the policies of a landlord, or the policies of a client, we are here for you.
  • Reasonable Price—We always strive to operate with reasonable prices. We operate on the most up-to-date market values for the materials that we take in and we provide our services nationwide too!

Get a Quote From Sadoff Today

So if you have a complex job that requires documentation and has to be done on a tight timeline for a reasonable price, reach out to us and learn what we can do for you. Don’t worry, we are also more than happy to take simpler jobs too. If you have electronics that need to disappear quickly and safely, you know who to call.

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