What to do With Old Computers and Monitors in Nebraska

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Everyone has at least one old computer or two old monitors weighing them down. They sit in your basement or hide in a closet. If you’re a business, then you likely have a couple of dozen hiding in a closet. If you live or operate in the Cornhusker State, then you may be struggling to find out what to do with old computers and monitors in Nebraska. Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction is here for you!

Are Electronics Recyclable in Nebraska?

This isn’t a very simple question, because electronics are indeed recyclable. However, not in the typical ways that you would recycle something. Cardboard, glass, some plastics, aluminum, and many other metals are all recyclable in most regions of Nebraska. You can check your own county or municipality guidelines for exact details. Electronics may not only be missing from those guidelines but are often called out specifically as not recyclable.

How do You Recycle Electronics if You Can’t Put Them In a Recycling Bin?

The reason why electronics can’t be recycled in your typical blue recycling bin is that there is a lot that goes into the electronics recycling process. In fact, even within the electronics category, items have to receive different treatment. For example, a battery is not going to go through the same process as a monitor or a computer. This also means that electronics have to be sorted, separated, and even broken apart before they can actually enter the recycling process.

All that is not even to mention any data devices. Sensitive data should be handled with a process that ensures 100% data wiping and/or destruction. For this reason, you need a skilled third party that can handle the electronics recycling for you. That means Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction.

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Where Can You Recycle Computer Equipment in Nebraska

old electronics in a pileIn case you were in any way left uncertain, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction is here to recycle any computer equipment or electronics including whole computers and even monitors here in Nebraska. In fact, we have three great locations! Our location in Lincoln is open to the general public for both business-to-business and individual e-recycling. Our second location in La Vista is a dedicated B2B site.

Why Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction?

There are other third-party e-recycling companies in Nebraska. However, at Sadoff we have the certifications that prove we are reliable, we can tackle your data destruction services, and we are a friendly family-owned company that can work with any client, big or small.

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Come on down to one of our locations today and for larger recycling jobs, feel free to give us a call. We can arrange a quote and even pickup. You can also request the use of our I.T. asset remarketing services to safely resell that equipment. Don’t forget we are also here for your data destruction needs. We provide both physical and digital data destruction services.

We Also Have Locations in Wisconsin!

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