Where to E-Recycle Bulk IT Equipment

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Do you have a supply closet or even a whole room that is filled with IT equipment that you don’t know what to do with? It would almost be surprising if you don’t, but when it builds up, doing anything about it can feel like an insurmountable task. Sadoff is here to help. Learn where to e-recycle bulk IT equipment with Sadoff.

What to do With Bulk End-of-Life IT Equipment?

In truth, every piece of IT equipment your company owns is a liability. Granted, you need IT equipment to function so some of that is a required liability, but that is certainly not the case for all of your IT equipment. When you have IT equipment that is already at the end of its life, you need to dispose of it the proper way, and that proper way is by e-recycling it and ensuring that any data is destroyed. That’s where Sadoff comes in.

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Do You Have to Bring It to a Sadoff Location?

Computers lined on a tableIf you have a lot of equipment, even if you are close to one of our locations, we can understand the prospect of getting it all to us being more than a little daunting. This is especially true if it’s a large quantity of IT equipment and your company doesn’t have any freight capabilities.

That’s no problem for us, because we do have freight capabilities. In fact, we can come to you and handle everything onsite. We’ll get it loaded and out of your hair. Don’t worry, of course we will have all the documentation available so that you will know exactly what we took and how it was processed.

Now you may be wondering if you have to be close to one of our facilities for our freight services. Though we have multiple locations spread across Wisconsin and Nebraska, you do not have to be in close proximity to any of them to receive our services. We can provide freight services throughout the Midwest and nationwide.

Do You Have to Sort Your IT Equipment?

Sorting is actually a large step in the e-recycling process. It works just like regular recyclables where metal, glass, plastic, and paper all have to be sorted at a facility, and then often each of those streams is sorted a second or third time further.

E-recycling is much the same way. Things have to be disassembled, cables and cords sorted out, hard drives and any other data storage devices separated—so that the data can be properly destroyed in whatever manner you see fit—and more. In truth, there is a lot to sorting and separating e-waste and we do not expect you to do it all or any of it.

Essentially, we charge you for the amount of labor that goes into separating and sorting your e-waste. If you do some of that sorting yourself, then you’ll save some money and we can provide guidance on how you can best sort your e-waste on-site. If you prefer to just let us handle it all, then we are more than happy to do that as well. One thing you will learn when you work with Sadoff is that we are very easy to work with.

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Get E-Recycling and Data Destruction Services Nationwide

If you are looking for e-recycling or data destruction services—it doesn’t matter where you are—Sadoff is here to help. We can provide our services nationwide and we accommodate to whatever you need. If you need us to handle freight and sorting, we’re here for you. If your job requires special dedication and even ITAD registration, we can accommodate that as well. Reach out to us today and get a quote for your services!

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