Where to Recycle Electronics in Missouri

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In these modern times that we are living in, we all need electronics to survive and our businesses need electronics to function properly. What happens when those electronics outlive their usefulness? Should you just be throwing them away or should you try to recycle them? Is it even legal to throw them away in Missouri or do you need to figure out where to recycle electronics in Missouri? We are here to help you out.

Missouri E-Recycling Laws

According to current Missouri law, the proper handling of e-waste is not a requirement for Missouri residents. However, for pretty much everyone else, recycling e-waste is a requirement. This includes:

  • Businesses
  • Charities
  • Non-profits
  • Schools
  • Churches
  • Public and Governmental Agencies

Though legally, any household can discard electronics, the Missouri Department of Natural Resources recommends against it. Instead, the agency prefers that you recycle or reuse any e-waste that your household generates the same way that the agency mandates all businesses and similar entities to do.

What Types of Electronics Does Missouri Consider E-Waste?

Missouri law defines the term electronics pretty broadly, but all the things you would expect are covered under the definition including:

  • old electronics in a pileTVs
  • Cell phones
  • Computers
  • Computer peripherals
  • DVD players
  • VCRs
  • Cameras
  • Gaming consoles
  • Stereos
  • Answering machines
  • Printers
  • And more

Everyone undoubtedly has multiple items if not all the items on the list above taking up space somewhere. Not only is that space valuable, but if any of those electronics contain data, especially for businesses, you are just asking for a potential data breach. Do the right thing and get those old electronics taken care of as soon as possible.

What Are the Benefits of E-Recycling?

The direct benefits of proper e-recycling for businesses and individuals are twofold. For starters, it ensures that any and all of your data is properly destroyed. This is essential if you want to avoid a data breach. A simple hard drive format is not enough.

The second major benefit is that in some instances it can actually earn you money. This will vary depending on the type of good being recycled, the amount, and the current market value of goods. Also, many e-recyclers will be able to provide you with IT asset remarketing services. Instead of destroying and recycling your IT equipment, they would attempt to repair, refurbish and resell. This is usually done with all new hard drives to further limit the risk of a data breach.

Beyond that, there are several environmental benefits. E-recycling means a reduced need for mining and it also keeps toxic heavy metals such as mercury out of the soil, water, and atmosphere. This may not directly impact you, but it will help the environment.

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What Should You Be Looking for in an E-Recycler?

You want an e-recycler that can provide all the services you are looking for which will likely include e-recycling, data destruction, and potentially IT asset remarketing. You also want an e-recycler that has all the proper certifications including R2 along with an i-SIGMA membership.

What Certifications Should You Look for in Data Destruction?

Get a Quote on E-Recycling Services in Missouri

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