Does Your Business Need a Data Destruction Service?

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Is data important to your business? Even if you don’t think it is, it is. Imagine if everything that was on your hard drive or one of your employee’s hard drives was made available to someone that meant your company or your customers harm or even just wanted to find a way to leverage that data into a quick buck. Does your business need a data destruction service? The short answer is: yes! Keep reading to dive into the topic further.

Is Data Destruction Something You Can Do Yourself?

Every business produces data. We don’t care if you are in e-commerce or construction. You have digital data on computers and other devices, and much of that data is sensitive. Client information, bank account information, proprietary data, and more can all be exposed if those devices end up in the wrong hands.

Often, those devices will make their way into those wrong hands when the device has reached the end of its life. This is not when you should just store it in a closet, even a locked closet. Instead, you should reduce your liability as soon as possible, have that data destroyed, and recycle the device while you are at it.

We understand the desire to take matters into your own hands. It may seem cheaper at first and, especially if your business is small, doing things yourself may just be what you are accustomed to. However, we can assure you, this is not a matter that you should attempt to tackle on your own.

What Devices Can Cause a Data Breach?

Is it Useful to Format Your Hard Drives?

Hard drive disintegratingFormatting is usually the first option people jump to. After all, if you’ve ever done it before then you’d know that it appears to do exactly what you want it to do—delete all the data. We can assure you, this is not what formatting does. Instead, formatting merely flags all the data as junk so that the drive can feel free to write over it. Anyone with even basic computer skills and a desire to steal data can still get most if not all of the data on a formatted hard drive.

Even if you are thinking about transferring hard drives within your company such as giving an old computer to a new hire, if all you did was a format, you are potentially giving that new employee access to a world of data that they maybe shouldn’t have including even personal data from the previous employee. For this reason, we recommend re-using where it makes sense but always with a new drive, and make sure that old drive has its data destroyed properly.

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Can You Use Magnets or Other Methods to Destroy Data?

If you can’t format, then what about physical destruction or magnetic destruction? Our degaussing (magnetic) and physical destruction machines at Sadoff cost thousands and thousands of dollars. The methods you use will not be able to give you the peace of mind that our data destruction machines can provide.

On top of that, when you work with a reputable data destruction service, like Sadoff, we will own 100% of the liability. This means that we are so confident in our data destruction methods that we are willing to put our company, money, and reputation on the line to protect yours. Do you have that level of confidence in the methods you could use?

Why Physical Drive Destruction is Often the Best Option

Data Destruction Service Near You

Sadoff has locations in Wisconsin and Nebraska, but we are a nationwide service for businesses. We can handle your data destruction including degaussing, overwriting, or physical destruction services. We are an i-SIGMA Member and can e-recycle any of your e-waste as well because we are R2v3 certified. Reach out today to get a quote on our services!

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