Why Physical Drive Destruction is Often the Best Option

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Tyring to understand what you should do with your old hard drives to ensure the proper destruction of data. There are a few data destruction methods that are used by professional services, and ultimately, the best method to use may depend on your situation, but find out why physical drive destruction is often the best option.

How Does Physical Destruction Work?

Do you want to know what physical destruction looks like for your hard drives? Imagine a wood chipper, but instead of wood, this wood chipper can tear right through metal, and it destroys the drive with some level of precision too ensuring that no piece large enough to have recoverable data on it will survive.

This machine is about the size of a compact car and it has a two small slots on the top for hard drives to fit into. One of the slots is for HDDs and one for SSDs ensuring that each goes through a shredding process that is optimized for them. This leaves no chance for error as the drives enter the shredding mechanism in the proper orientation every time. The machine is loud, but as it eats your drive, it spits out hunks of metal onto a little conveyor belt, and then it’s off to be recycled. You can see it in action with the video below.

What Happens to Material from Physically Destroyed Hard Drives?

A physically destroyed drive is reduced to just a few pieces of metal, electronic material, and plastic. After destruction, these materials are sorted and recycled appropriately just like any other electronic that would enter our facility.

Of course, we have all the proper certifications and follow the procedures outlined in those certifications so you know that all the materials get handled appropriately. This means they will not cause harm to the environment nor to our employees and they will be recycled to the furthest extent possible.

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What Drives is Physical Destruction Ideal For?

Hard drive destruction machines are custom made for HDDs and SSDs. This means that essentially all drives are suited for physical destruction except for data storage mediums that don’t fall into those two categories such as CDs, DVDs, thumb drives, floppy disks, etc. We have other methods of data destruction that can appropriately deal with those types of data devices.

Ultimately, if you don’t want to reuse your old drive or if you don’t want to attempt to sell it after a professional data overwrite, you should choose physical destruction for your data storage devices.

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Gets Rid of Outdated Technology

How many hard disk drives or HDDs do you have sitting around? These drives are slow, clunky, and at this point in their lifecycle as the faster, lighter and more compact solid state drives or SSDs have taken over the market. This is especially true in the laptop space. Choosing physical destruction is your way to get rid of those old drives and clear the way for upgrades to SSDs.

Find a Data Destruction Service

If you are looking for a data destruction service, you’ve already found one! Sadoff can handle the destruction of any data device that you have and we can help you select the data destruction method that is appropriate for your situation. Sadoff has data destruction facilities in Wisconsin and Nebraska, but we are also able to provide our services to businesses nationwide. Reach out to us for a quote today!


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