How Safe is Sadoff?

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At Sadoff, we take safety very seriously. If we can’t do something safely, then we don’t do it at all. Recently, we had our safety rated not by safety regulators (we get those done too) but by the people that are actually in our facilities working every day, our employees. Let’s dig into those results and learn the best ways to find a safe vendor.

Finding a Safe Vendor For E-Recycling

How do you ensure that your vendors are safe? Well, safe vendors usually like to talk about how safe they are for one—like we are doing here. In addition to that, check their website including their blog to see if you can find any safety resources. You can also perform a search on the OSHA website for any incidents.

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Why Should Safety Matter to You

We get it, for the most part, if something unsafe happens with one of your vendors, both in the public eye and legally speaking, you don’t end up with a lot of liability. However, there are two primary reasons why you would want to consider a safe vendor over one that is potentially unsafe:

  • Safety Trickles Down—Working with a safe company with a good safety record that actually values safety means that you are working with a company that knows how to follow processes and whose employees are accustomed to processes too. This means your job gets done right and without delay.
  • Fewer People Getting Hurt is Good For Everyone—Instead of speaking to your bottom line, let’s speak to you as a person. Do you want someone to get hurt? Funding companies that don’t take safety seriously means you are still part of the problem regardless of your company’s own safety record. It would be better if their unsafe ways were not rewarded with your business.

Results of Our NSC Safety Barometer Survey

NSC Safety Barometer StatsThe NSC Barometer Survey is something that we take very seriously. As we mentioned before, it is driven by employee responses, and we asked every single one of our employees to fill it out. Impressively, we had a 91% response rate, meaning the overwhelming majority of our employees responded to the questions posed in the survey.

From their answers, we scored an overall safety rating of 98.5%. That means that only 1.5% of companies that participated in the survey scored higher than us. Can we improve? Of course. At Sadoff safety isn’t just a priority, it’s a value, and we pride ourselves on working safely or not at all. This score is actually an improvement from our already high score in 2017 of 95%. Even when there isn’t much room for improvement, we still find ways to improve.

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What is the NSC?

The NSC is the National Security Council, and it is a 501 nonprofit which was first founded all the way back in 1913. They’ve been at this for over 100 years and in that time they have been providing resources to companies to help them create safer work environments.

Regarding the results of our recent survey, the NSC had this to say:

“Sadoff Iron & Metal Company continues to move in the right direction, with a slight increase in overall score and across all six performance categories.  This is very impressive considering the high level of performance in 2017.  It can be quite challenging to maintain that level of excellence.  My many congratulations to you!”

—Noura Sadek, NSC Survey Research Analyst

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Rely on Sadoff For Your E-Recycling

If you are looking for a safe vendor to work with for your e-recycling needs, then look no further. We have facilities in both Wisconsin and Nebraska here in the midwest. Not only does this allow us to serve all of the midwest, but we also provide our services nationwide. Reach out to us today to get a quote on the e-recycling or data destruction services you need.

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