Where to Recycle Electronics in Iowa?

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Every business almost assuredly has electronics laying around that no longer serve any purpose. Old computers that can’t keep up or are broken, computer peripherals that no longer do what they are supposed to, and more. You probably have a closet or some room filled with this type of stuff and if you are a business in Iowa then perhaps you should be trying to figure out where to recycle electronics in Iowa. We can help with that and talk about the electronics recycling laws specific to Iowa.

Laws Regarding Electronic Recycling in Iowa

For the most part, Iowa follows federal rules and guidelines when it comes to electronics recycling. However, when it comes to CRT monitors (large non-flat panel motions largely no longer in use) they do require recyclers in the state to have a special permit to process. This is in part due to the high lead content found in these types of monitors.

Can You Throw Electronics in the Trash in Iowa?

Technically you can, though depending on the electronic, you may be in violation of federal laws and guidelines. You do not want electronics to end up in a landfill or worse, improperly burned in a garbage incinerator. Electronics are filled with all manner of heavy metals including mercury, lead, cadmium, and more. If you throw your electronics in the trash, these materials will end up in the soil, water, and/or the air depending on the environment that they are disposed of in.

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Can You Throw Electronics in Recycling Bins in Iowa?

E-waste toxic waste statsIf the trash isn’t good enough, then perhaps your next thought is to throw your electronics in the recycling bins. Afterall, recycling is good for the environment and you know that electronics can be recycled. This would be a bad idea though.

Blue-bin recycling is actually highly specialized to handle easily sortable materials including metal (exact metals may vary based on your location), glass, paper, and certain plastics. Even putting the wrong type of plastic such as a typical grocery store plastic bag, into one of these recycling streams can lead to equipment damage.

Electronics are complicated, have hazardous materials in them, and in their assembled state even the material they contain that would be recyclable through this process, are not easily sorted.

How Should You Recycle Electronics in Iowa?

If you want to recycle your electronics, you’ll want to look for a certified recycling facility. Businesses looking to recycle a significant amount of electronics shouldn’t restrict their search to facilities within Iowa either. Sadoff has facilities in both Wisconsin and Nebraska and we can provide freight services as well to make the entire process simple and easy. We serve companies nationwide and we would be happy to provide e-recycling services to your Iowa-based business.

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Not only does Sadoff have all the certifications that you want from an e-recycler including R2, we also 100% contractually own liability, we offer in-depth reporting, and we can handle all of your data destruction services as well. You don’t want to be victim to a third-party data breach due to improperly handled data when you are just trying to do your part and ensure your old electronics properly recycled.

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