Are Your Old Electronics Worth Money?

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Everyone has that drawer and every company has that closet. It’s where electronics go to die and be forgotten. Electronics often end up being the last thing people get rid of. There is a perception that they are too hard... View Article

Report: Annual E-Waste Outweighs the Great Wall of China

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We founded Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction in 2017 to help address the growing need for proper electronic waste disposal. In the years since we began our operations, the amount of electronic equipment produced annually has only accelerated. The accompanying... View Article

E-Recycling vs Mining

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Should we really be mining our precious metals out of the ground, or should we be mining our e-waste instead? Find out as we compare e-recycling vs mining to look at the effects of both on our environment and our... View Article

Why is E-Recycling Different Than Recycling?

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You’ve definitely heard of recycling, but have you heard of e-recycling. If you haven’t before, you have now. Why is e-recycling different than recycling? Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction are experts in the field, and we can provide answers and... View Article

E-Waste Emergency: 6 Alarming Stats on Electronics Disposal

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The E-Waste Crisis When we adopt new technology, the old stuff (a.k.a. “e-waste”) doesn’t just disappear. E-recycling is the ongoing effort to properly dispose of e-waste. E-waste presents a modern ecological catastrophe in the making, as components of obsolete electronics... View Article

What is IT Asset Remarketing?

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There comes a time in every company’s life when you just have to get rid of IT equipment. Whether you are upgrading, switching systems, or making acquisitions, chances are you have old IT equipment on hand that you are likely... View Article

What is Data Destruction and How Does it Work?

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Whether you are an individual or a company, you produce a ton of data. That data is all wonderful until it comes time to upgrade or purge your business of non–working devices. Just because those devices are old or broken,... View Article

Electronics That Are Illegal in Wisconsin Landfills

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How much time do you spend thinking about what you put in a landfill? Landfills are generally not a great thing for the environment. Even when used according to state and federal regulations, there are still many negative environmental effects... View Article

Can You Recycle TVs?

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When you think of recycling you probably think about plastic bottles, aluminum cans, and maybe even glass. What about other things? Can you recycle TVs? That’s a good question. After all, what’s in a TV? It’s mostly plastic, metals, and... View Article