What to do With Old Lithium-Ion Batteries

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You may not even realize how many lithium-ion batteries you have sitting around in your home or at your business. Your cell phones and laptops are the obvious sources, but there are many different applications that use lithium-ion power. If... View Article

E-Recycling Services Near You

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E-recycling is important for the environment, for your community, and even for the protection of your precious data. If you are looking for e-recycling services near you, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction is here to help with our R2-certified electronics... View Article

What is R2 Certification in E-Recycling?

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At Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction, we are proud of our certifications. We have a lot of them, but our R2 certification is sort of a big deal. What is R2 certification in E-Recycling? It rolls in several other certifications... View Article

How to Protect Client Data in Old Computers

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A company of any size is going to develop troves of data and that data should be protected. You can install anti-virus software, ensure proper safety protocols are followed, and create or employ IT security training, all of that is... View Article

Sadoff – Reflecting on 75 Years of Excellence

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Recently, Sadoff was featured in the Midlands Business Journal for our work in Omaha. It was a beautiful feature about our history, our longevity, and our future, and we’d like to include some of those reflections here as well. The... View Article

How we are Building a Successful Future with E-Recycling

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  Last year, global e-waste production ballooned to 57.4 million metric tons—outweighing the heaviest artificial object on Earth, the Great Wall of China. With e-waste accumulating in greater numbers each year, Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction understands and shares your... View Article

Is E-Waste a Cause of Climate Change?

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Climate change is a topic that is not likely to disappear from normal discourse any time soon. Unfortunately, the causes of climate change are vast. As such, you cannot point the finger in any one direction. Think of it like... View Article

Are Old Computers Worth Anything?

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Everyone has an old computer, and every company has a host of them. Old computers are a dime a dozen. Often they seem too old to be worthwhile for anything or just have issues that were never resolved forcing them... View Article

Award-Winning E-Recycling Services in Nebraska

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Recently, your friends at Sadoff E-Recycling & Data Destruction were granted an award from the Nebraska Recycling Council (NRC). It’s time for you to learn all about our award-winning e-recycling services in Nebraska, our award, and a little bit more... View Article

Why You Should Beware of Free Electronics Recycling

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Everyone the world over loves the word “free.” Free parking, free refreshments, free pizza, and even free electronics recycling. Don’t you know though that often the word free comes with a catch? Someone is either trying to make money somehow... View Article